those ex pupils from Elmore Green School that served in World War 1

This is a list of pupils from Elmore Green School Memorial, the story of which, and the men, plus their relatives, are described in that excellant book  "Sorrow into Pride" written by Ken Wayman and Barry Crutchley. 


This book, published by Reveille Press and written by Ken Wayman and Barry Crutchley, is much more than the story of Elmore Green School Old Boys' Association war memorial.  Ken and Barry have researched the theatres of war that these former pupils fought in and explored their families uncovering relatives who also fought.


Blue coloured names indicate that the the Imperial War Museum's Lives of the First World War site.  Details from this book have been entered into the Imperial War Museum's database with the authors permission. Clicking on that blue coloured name will take you to their Life Story.


The photographs below are also taken from "Sorrow into Pride" with the permission of the authors.


When you click the picture it will take you to the serviceman's Life Story record in the Imperial War Museum's site, Clicking the "See More" button will load a further 10 photographs.


Photographs of our WW1 servicemen are rare.  If you have any photos you wish to share please get in touch via the contact page.

Isaac Andrews
John Bate
Leonard Beech
Thomas Vaughan Bricknell
James Bryan
Alfred Charles Bullock
John Bullock
William Amos Bullock
Alfred James Bushnell
George Bernard Bushnall
William Charles Cockayne
Albert Ernest Cooper
John Henry Cope
Joseph James Davies
James Dawson
Horace Downes
Thomas Frederick Ecclestone
Bertram Laurence Elks
Thomas Evans
Horace France
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Isaac Andrews

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